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Boop Boop She-boop
One of the more unique invitations, this was created for a woman with a passion for Betty Boop and the FBI. This eye-catching box opens up to reveal an FBI badge and miniature handcuffs along with the invitation information. To her friends, this was truly a one-of-a-kind invitation created solely with her in mind.
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Press Pass
This party is only for A-listers! You must have a Press Pass to get in. The invitation was slipped into a plastic case and adorned with a satin ribbon. It was then mailed in a metallic bubble envelope to ensure its safe arrival.
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Sweet Sixteen
A girl's sweet sixteen birthday party is a special one.
This invitation to one girl's party highlights the good...and the bad...of turning sixteen and getting your driver's license. Designed using bold colors and fun shapes, guests knew they were in for a fun night when they received this invitation. Click to Enlarge


Cocktail Shaker
Designed for a 40th birthday cocktail party. Delivered in a tall box, the guest opens the invitation to find a cocktail shaker nestled among green and white tissue. Upon opening the shaker, they find the invitation sitting on a cushion of silver shred. The invitation unrolls like a scroll with glass olive picks used in place of wooden scrolls. Click to Enlarge


Mardi Gras Beaded Tube
This invitation was created for a mardi gras birthday party. Mailed in a clear plastic tube, the guest opens the end and the invitation and several strands of beads fall out.

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Mardi Gras in a Box
Also created for a mardi gras birthday party, this invitation brings excitement the moment it's delivered. Mailed in a box with a clear plastic lid, the guest can see the beads with a mask sitting on top. After opening the lid, they take out the mask to find the invitation and RSVP attached laying on a bed of beads and metallic shred.
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Message in a Bottle
This invitation uses a message in a bottle theme to tell the guests about the party. Mailed in a white box, the guest opens the lid to find the bottle resting on natural raffia. They pop open the cork to pull out the invitation which is sitting in the sand and shells in the bottom.
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Wine and Friends
This birthday invitation was created for an event featuring great wine and delicious food. Mailed in a long brown kraft tube, the invitation is rolled up and tied with a satin ribbon. When the guest unrolled the green mat, they discovered that it was a large circle with the invitation attached in the center by a wine charm.
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This invitation was created for the ultimate handyman on his birthday. Sandpaper, duct tape along with miniature tools set the mood to announce the party. It is mailed in a small box and has the invitation information on the back of the sandpaper.
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Life is Rough Toolbox
Another option for the handyman above, guests invited to this party received small toolboxes in the mail. Inside they found the invitation held closed with a screw. Enclosed in the box was a pair of safety goggles, a screwdriver and instructions on how to open the invitation. A truly one-of-a-kind way to announce a party.
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Birthday Passport

To celebrate his 70th birthday, this client chose to highlight his many years of travel throughout the course of his life. The invitation was followed up with a bio and a fun quiz for the guests to fill out and return.
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License to Party

Designed for a true car lover, this invitation is actually a wallet that, when opened, reveals a "License to Party" featuring the birthday boy. In the billfold of the wallet are "dollars" good for various activities at the event and in the pockets of the wallet are cards carrying the party information.
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